What perfume should I wear at my prom?

For most of us girls out there, the prom is one of the most important event in our teenage lives. Even though it all resumes to one night, in most cases it defines the success towards womanhood. While most girls try to focus on their outfits, shoes they wear, and purses to accessorize with, few of them put any thought in the scent they should wear on that special night.
best women's perfumeOne thing we should all realize by the moment we become young adult women, is that scent defines you. A man who you have shared a dance with will barely remember the color of your eyes, but he will for sure recognize your perfume if you pass by.

I do not intend to put too much pressure on any of you getting the most expensive Chanel fragrance for your prom night (and by the by, you should definitely not go for that), but I just want you to be aware of how to wear a fragrance that will define your personality and make everyone around remember you.
You should first start with the best perfume for women. As most proms happen in May-June, it is natural to go for fresh, floral and light scents. Why so? Because summer season is generally a hot one, and the air around is already full of intense smells, from blooming trees and fresh green grass to backyard barbeques.

Therefore, you do not want your own perfume and smell to be perceived as one of those intense smells. No! You want to define a light flavor of yourself, which the persons you get to dance or talk with can sense only by getting close to you. This will make you remarked and remembered!

A mature girl should also know what the right places for putting on her best perfume are. You should follow the general rule of applying small quantities of your fragrance on the pulsing areas (like your wrists or behind your earlobe). You should take into account a possible random kiss that might pop up, and then you don’t want your fan to get to taste the bitterness of your perfume. So, I suggest you to stick to your wrists, then lightly rub them behind your earlobes. What I personally do is I out some drops of my defining perfume between my breasts, because it is always quite a high temperature there, and the fragrance is constantly eliminated in the air. In the end my breasts are working for me like a constantly pulsating perfume pipette.

Of course, you should know how much quantity to use. Personally, I can’t stand when I pass by someone and get the impression they put on half a bottle of their best vanilla scented perfume. Then I don’t care if it was a cheap scented deodorant or an expensive branded eau de perfume. I usually go for just 2 sprays out of my bottle: one on my right wrist (which I then rub towards the other one, and then on the back of my earlobes) and another spray between my breasts, voila!
There is one little secret that few realize, and not a shop-assistant will share. When you go to choose your best perfume, it takes time! I do not mean time wasted on checking out labels, and the fanciest bottles, but time to test it out on your own body.

My personal advice on this matter is, after you picked 2 or 3 perfumes that you like, put on a small quantity of it on your wrist, and then forget about it for the next 30 minutes. Just go on checking out other boutiques for dresses or purses, and every once in a while bring your wrist to your nose. Do you like how it smells? It is pretty different than the initial scent of the perfume, and that’s because your own body scent gets to interact with the perfume and bring out a totally new fragrance. And by the by, the fact that you will wear Chanel No.5 does not imply you will actually smell like Coco Chanel.
When it comes to summery occasions, I have a preference for the green tea perfume. I see it as a good combination of fresh, young and mild, all three in one. Of course, it is up to you to understand which scent you feel most comfortable with. But the most important thing is that it has to define your uniqueness and personality.

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What type of shoes should a nurse wear?

good shoes for nursesI am not a nurse but it’s not hard to realize that a nurse must always feel comfortable. I am not talking about her being comfortable with herself or anything like that, I am talking about the clothes and the shoes she must wear. The word that must define a nurse’s shoes and clothes is definitely ‘comfortable’. Don’t think about those sexy Halloween costumes because a real life nurse wears nothing like that. A real life nurse doesn’t wear short skirts paired with a shirt that has a large neck opening and the highest heels in the world. I bet the men in the hospital would love them but that outfit is far from being comfortable. Imagine if a heel breaks while she gives you injection. That might not end really well for you. We all know that heels have the tendency to break exactly when we need them mostly.

Now, you must be wondering already what type of shoes should she wear. Well, a nurse can wear anything that doesn’t have heels. She can wear flats, sandals, boots without heels, anything. I believe the best footwear for nurses are the flats.

For what I know, nurses have to run around the hospital the whole day. They have to take care of many patients, meaning they have to walk from a run to another, not having much time for rest. In this case, it is quite obvious that comfortable shoes are a must-have. Also, for what I know, many hospitals offer nurses “work shoes”. They can wear any shoes on their way to the hospital but when they get there they have to change their shoes into the ones provided by the person in charge of the hospital. Well, there are actually 2 types of hospitals who provide their employees shoes. Firstly, there are those hospitals where it is a must to wear the shoes provided. Secondly, there are the hospitals where it is optional; nurses can wear the shoes provided by the hospital or they can wear their own shoes if they want. It really depends on the hospital employees’ policy. This applies to clothes too. Again, for what I know, there are hospitals where the employer provides clothes for the employees and hospitals where clothes are not provided. These, the hospitals where clothes are provided to the employees, again, are divided into 2 types. There are those where it is a must for the employees to wear the clothes provided and those where it is optional. Again, it is a matter of internal policy. Wear snow boots only if it’s a blizzard outside and the bus is broken.

In my opinion, it is best if clothes and shoes are provided. In this case you know that all the nurses have the same clothes and shoes and there is not a competition about who looks better between them. It is much like schools and uniforms. It is a known fact that children hate their uniforms and try to avoid wearing them but it is actually in their best interest to have those uniforms and wear them. This way, rich children can’t bully the poor children for not having the same expensive designer clothes as them. Of course, they can find others means to bully each other, but at least one reason is eliminated. Getting back to nurses, it is, as I said before, the same with them. People, actually, tend to compete with each other. It is the human nature. I really support personal style and people who are original and unique but I believe that this s best to be kept outside of school and work. Maybe for people who work at offices with computers it is a good solution to cheer each other up by wearing all kinds of crazy clothes but for an environment such as the medical one, it is best to have “uniforms”. However, if people really want to express themselves, their personality, they can find ways to do so even if they are forces to wear certain clothes. This is when you can really explore and reveal your creativity, when you have to wear certain things and you still think out of the box and come up with something new and fun.

All in all, going back to proper shoes for nurses, my opinion is that the best shoes are flats. They are comfortable, heels-free and they can look really nice. Besides that, they can be paired with anything so if you have to wear certain clothes to work, you can definitely wear those clothes with flats. It takes a little time to find the right pair but once you do, you’ll love them.

How To Straighten Your Hair With A Flat Iron

In the last couple of years there has been a huge request of behalf of women all over the world to make their hair naturally smooth and perfectly straight. Different products or tools have been created to help them obtain that perfect hair style, but not all of them had the same consistency, duration or effect.

flat iron imageNow, many of you will say that you already know how to straighten your hair using a flat iron and that you have been doing it for a few years, but have you ever asked yourself if you do this procedure as a professional or you just do it to say you’ve done it. If you do not know how to do it correctly, many negative results may appear during the years from slowly burning your hair to making it fall down. Here are a few steps on how to how to straighten your hair with a flat iron:

  1. Choose the right size flat iron: believe it or not, there are a variety of sizes. The size should be chosen depending on the length and thickness of your hair.  If you have short, thick or fine hair it is advised to use a small iron that ranges from half an inch to one inch thick.
  2. Choose the right heat setting: It is best to use an iron that has adjustable heat settings, because the hair type and texture determine these settings. Here are the temperatures that must be used:
    • for damaged or fine hair, between 250-300 degrees
    • for medium hair, between 300-350 degrees
    • for thick hair, between 350-400 degrees
  3. Choose the right material. I bet you never thought about the material a flat iron is made of. You should look for the ones that are made of ceramic, tourmaline or titanium metals. The reason is that they heat more evenly thus causing less damage to your hair.
  4. Prepare your hair properly. For a fine hair, wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. After you finish your bath, use a volumizing mousse that has built-in protection. The next step is to blow dry your hair to create enough volume. For a thick hair, wash it with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, apply a smoothing serum with heat protections and blow dry your hair with a natural bristle.
  5. Steps to heat iron your hair. Clip your hair into manageable sections and start with the bottom half of your head (it will help maintain volume). For the other half, lift your hair and get the iron as close to the roots as possible. After you finish, apply some shine spray.
  6. Things to avoid:
    • never heat iron your hair when it is wet (it will fry your strands)
    • never use chipped hot tool (it is extremely dangerous)
    • do not create a habit of using it every day
  7. Always clean your flat iron. After every use, clean your iron with iron cleaner or warm water and a cloth. This will help remove any product that may have remained on its plates.


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Basic Tools For Nails

The nails are keratinized, horny coverings of the distal part of our toes and fingers. They serve various functions such as scratching your back or someone else’s, usually when they can’t reach it. You can also use it for popping the lid of your soda can, preferably not after you have manicured them. And let’s not forget, the nails can be quite an accessory when painted.
Often times, we get so caught up in our everyday work that we tend to forget to take care of them and end up having untrimmed long nails, chipped or cracked nail tints, dirt underside of the nail edges, or worse, ingrown nails.

Spas and salons offer beauty services ranging from simple nail trimming to washing the feet to applying nail art to removing ingrown toenails. Attractive as the services may sound, most of us don’t have the time to spare to pay them a visit and avail of their total body make-overs or their most coveted all-in-packages, not unlike offers where they would actually shampoo your hair while you wait for your nail tint to dry up.
With proper hygiene and taking good care of your body, lacking time should not be an excuse. You can do your own nail care within the comforting four corners of your own loft, while watching your favorite soap, no less. All you need are simple tools and you are on your way.

Who does not have a nail clipper?

nails toolsUnless you are keen to keeping your nails long enough to trap a pound of dirt under it, or double your nails as a cake slicer or disguised self-defense weapon, make it a point to trim your nails to maintain just enough length to suit your preference. It may be short enough to make typing on a typewriter a breeze or just long enough to maintain a French tip. Regardless, a nail clipper is one thing a reasonably hygienic person would never leave without. This tool can be the plier type, which is most preferably used in removing ingrown toenails and excess skin and cuticle, as it slips on the edges with ease. And there’s another type, the one which we most certainly have always used, the compound lever type. The latter is mostly used in trimming the nails straight across, avoiding ingrown and deformed nails. It comes in aluminum or plastic makes. It should be part of your everyday carry kit, just in case you woke up late in the morning, hurriedly headed to the office and suddenly realized that your nails seem too long and untidy. Seems unlikely? Think again.

Trimming the nails doesn’t end in clipping it. The nail is a horny transparent structure. Its horniness makes it likely to have a rather rough or serrated edge after you have cut it, especially if you have used a not-so-sharp nail cutter. This uneven edge is quite bothering as it may actually run your stockings or catch the hem of your dress. These incidences may sound so petty, but if you have ever caught yourself in that situation, you would know exactly what I mean. The solution? Your friendly reach-in-the-bag-and-you’ll-find-it nail file. This is used to effectively soften the sharp edges of your newly trimmed nails or to tailor the nails for that perfect tip. We usually see these as Emery boards, or aluminum metal files attached to your nail clipper, though personally, I think that the Emery boards are rather more effective for this task. It also comes in glass and ceramic.

That annoying stain under your nails after you did your gardening or after you attempted to clean the carpets of your car can be a pain to remove. You’d want to just cut it down, but if you’re trying to keep your nails long and nail tint ready, you wouldn’t want to do this. The dirt stain stays there even after you have thoroughly washed your hands and have tried to wash it away by running your nails through your shampooed hair. Frustrating isn’t it? The solution to this problem, as its name suggests, is a nail dirt remover. It is a slender aluminum tool with a sharp hooked end which literally scoops the dirt out of your fingernail. Easy, like Sunday morning.

These are just three of the tools you may need to be ready with to get that clean and polished look for your nails. They are small enough to fit in your everyday vanity kit but with just enough size for you to be able to quickly scoop it out of your bag anytime you need that quick nail fix.

The Best Makeup Brushes Out There

best makeup brushesYou’ve been trying for years to achieve the perfect makeup, but you always feel like you could have done better? When this happens we usually try a different style, play with different colors or simply change the product. Have you tried to give more attention to your brushes? Using the best makeup brush, style and quality-wise, will take your makeup to a whole new level.

What to Have In Mind When Choosing the Best Makeup Brushes

Most women chose their brushes based only on the quality of the hair. It is without a doubt the most important aspect but don’t neglect other features like size, weight, handle and ferrule (metal frame).

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Manufactures use two types of hair for makeup brushes: natural and synthetic. When you are choosing a hair type, don’t forget to factor in the form, cut and density of the brush. All of these aspects can influence your makeup considerably. Natural hair is the preferred choice for a brush; you can only use synthetic hair brushes for eyebrows or for applying liquid products such as foundation because they are not as absorbent as the ones made of natural hair.


The size and weight of the handle depend on your personal preferences. Let your previous experience help you choose the perfect brush. It has to be extremely easy to use, the moves have to come naturally to you; unnatural or clumsy moves will reflect on your makeup. If you are not sure what size should your brush’s handle be you should try to find one about 4 or 5 inch. Choose the wood handles for more durability and control.


The ferrule is a very import part of the brush. How many times have you thrown away your makeup brushes because the hair was falling out? The metal frame that holds the hair is a key essential for a good quality brush. You use your makeup accessories every day; they need to function perfectly and last longer. Take a good look at the ferrule and make sure it has two rings for good support. They are usually made of brass, copper or aluminum. Brass is the strongest of the three.
One last aspect you should consider when choosing a brush is the way that is was made. If you can, give priority to the ones made by hand. Machines can’t manufacture brushes without sacrificing the soft hairs. Soft hair in a brush keeps you from hurting yourself and gives you a beautiful smooth makeup.

How to Use Your Makeup Brushes

Now that you know how to choose the perfect accessories for your everyday makeup needs let’s talk about how you should use them.
Most of you apply part of their makeup by using your fingers. It is not a recommended method for various reasons, but the most important one is that no matter how much you wash your hands you might still cause problems for your skin. Apply your foundation using a brush rather than a makeup sponge because they can also hold bacteria which are very bad for your complexion.

Use a different brush for every makeup product: foundation, blush, eye shadow and so on. There is a very generous offer for each of these categories, and you only need to take a little time to find the one that is perfect for you, keeping in mind the advices mentioned before. Also, remember that expensive doesn’t equal high quality. Factor in your decision the brand and price but don’t hurry to choose an expensive brush without seeing if it is really as good as advertised.

In the end, never forget the most important aspect of all: use your makeup to enhance your features and show your personality, don’t let it turn you into a different person.

Christmas Makeup

xmas-makeupNo matter if you are going to participate on a family dinner or if you are going to a party, you have to look great on Christmas Eve. This means you must put on the perfect makeup, fit for this holiday. Next, you will find some makeup ideas for the Christmas day which will help you be admired by everyone in the room.

This makeup model is simple and yet elegant and sophisticated. It will offer you a delicate and sexy look that will keep all eyes on you. What do you have to do? Well, first follow your habitual makeup ritual – cleansing, moisturizing, and foundation. Now for the eyes you have to use a gold shimmering eye shadow and a dark matte one, black, for example. First apply the gold one up near the brows, with a higher intensity until the crease and then fading.

Contour the first inner half of the eyelids with this color too. Then take the black eye shadow and apply a fading shade on the exterior corners of the eyes and also a fine line around the eyes. Also, use a black eyeliner, waterproof preferably, to contour the watery lines of the eyes. After all these, apply a black mascara with longer lashes effect and use a lash curler to define the eyes and make them seem bigger. For the cheeks use a peachy pink blush and for the lips a matte red lipstick.

Another classic Christmas makeup model is this. Follow the same steps until the foundation. Then, for the eyes use a green eye shadow (pick what shade you like the most, matte or shimmering) and apply it on the entire eyelid, just a little beyond the crease. Use a black eyeliner to create a slightly thicker line than the usual on the lids. Choose a mascara that has extra volume effect, or you can even apply some false lashes if you want to make sure you will be noticed. Instead of a blush, you can use a bronzer, of course, not too dark, but just to give some color to your skin. As for the lips, red lipstick is in order – matte or glossy.

For this last makeup model you can find many alternatives which include the combination green on the eyes and red on the lips. It only depends on you on how intense you want your makeup to be.

Common Mascara Mistakes that You Should Avoid

mascara balanced dietApplying mascara can be a bit tricky, but there are a few tips and tricks that could help you unleash those sexy lashes of yours. I’m sure that you really hate clumps, and if you are one of those who have a hard time avoiding it, there are some advices that can help you manage to pass the course. Moreover, for those thinking that all the things you do are on the right track, think again, as you might realize here that you’ve been doing the wrong thing!

Common Mistakes

Applying too many coats of mascara can ruin your delicate lashes. It’s usually recommended to apply no more than two coats in order to maximize the results. The more you put on, the more it will likely dry mid-application. If you put a fresh mascara on top of a dry coat, then it would look spidery and it’s going to clump.

Never pump the wand in and out of the tube. Pumping the wand can overload the bristles and will end up with clumpy eyelashes. It sure looks fun at times, but it will ruin your mascara, imagine having globs of the product sticking onto your lashes, that looks horrible!When you pump, it will cause air to pump into the tube, causing the formula to dry up faster than normal. Instead of pumping, twist the wand while pushing it slightly on the way out. If you see excess mascara on the wand after pulling it out, gently swipe the bristles at the tube opening.

Even if your mascara is labeled to expire after 12 months, never use a 3-month-old mascara, ever! Yes, it seems hard isn’t it, throwing away your mascara, still half filled? Best bet when trying to determine if your mascara is still good to go, if you can’t remember when you bought it, then toss it away, no matter how many more was left, never bother using an old mascara. Bacteria begin to grow inside the tube, which could cause you at risk for infections, itchiness, soreness and others!

Eat A Balance Diet. This one may seem strange but studies have shown eating a balance diet with lots of fruits and vegetables can help encourage eyelash growth. Try drinking a green smoothie, for some added vitamins and minerals.

Put it all from the tip to the base of your lashes. Most women do place mascara on the tip of the lashes, ignoring the root part. If you’re one of them, then you’re doing it wrong! The whole point of using mascara is to make your lashes look longer and fluffier and if you just apply it on the tip of your lashes, you’re just making it look shorter!How can you apply it from the tip above? Try tilting your head and look straight, then place the wand as close to your eyelash roots as you can, then wiggle the wand from the roots up to the lashes for maximum effect.

Don’t do it like a cave dweller. Well, don’t apply mascara roughly; use your gentlest force as possible to avoid getting mascara onto the eyelids.

That’s it! I’m sure you have discovered at least one thing that you thought to be right but really are wrong. Enjoy!

Common Makeup Mistakes

makeup mistakesMakeup is a powerful ally for every woman but sometimes a poorly constructed makeup can become your worst enemy. You wouldn’t think much of small errors, but they can take you form looking fabulous to a makeup disaster in no time. Knowing your personality, style and skin necessities can help you achieve the look you wanted so let’s see what is best to avoid while applying your makeup.

Dry skin

One of the most common mistakes is applying makeup on dry skin; the makeup will not take care of this problem, on the contrary, it will make it stand out more. Take care of this problem first, don’t do it just to look good with your makeup on, do it because your skin need to be taking care of so that you will love it as much in your 50s as you do in your 20s.

Mascara marks

The perfect mascara brush is out there somewhere but until you find it, don’t forget to remove unwanted mascara marks. They might seem like nothing but trust me, people will notice. Use a cotton swab to remove them once you are done with applying your mascara. Also, try not to overdo it when applying the product; go with a lighter approach and you will be more satisfied with the results. If you need to accentuate your eyelashes use an intense black or try fake eyelashes but be careful with the quality; they can take your eyes from look sexy to trashy in no time.

Non matching foundation

Most women test the foundation on their hands before buying it. This method does not assure you that the color you chose will perfectly match your skin tone. Match your foundation on your chest, you want your face to have the same tone as the rest of your skin. You can also try to match it to your jawline but the result with not be 100% accurate because, depending on your bone structure, your jawline may cause unintentional shadows that are not the same tone as the rest of your face.

Faulty eyebrows

Your eyebrows are the glue that keeps it all tougher, be careful to match them to the shape of your face and not make them too thin. Also, be careful when using an eyebrow pencil because deepening on the quality and color it might make you look a little bit fake. Stay away from the blackest black, even if your hair is dying in that color. Match your eyebrows with your hair but keep them looking natural.

Bad use of eyeshadow

Eyeshadows are amazing, so many possibilities and stunning colors to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes; how can you go wrong? Not paying attention to the way you apply and blend your makeup might make even the best of the best product look cheap. Take the time to adjust your eyes makeup with a good blending brush.

Incorrectly applied blush

Badly applying blush can take you from queen to clown in no take. Use blush to compliment your skin tone, match it with the rest of your makeup and play with shadows to best compliment your face shape.

These are just a few of the DON’Ts of makeup, you will surely discover many more throughout the years, as you get better and better at applying makeup. A tip for recognizing these mistakes would be to adjust yourself in natural light; it will help you see yourself the way everyone else is going to see you once out the door.

Winter Makeup

makeupMakeup trends differ from season to season and from one person to another, but the most important thing to keep in mind is matching your makeup with the current season; is a definite must for every woman. Winter makeup must definitely be all about skin care: exfoliate, moisturize and apply a proper skin care cream all through the season. Don’t neglect this first important step, the skin care, it is the one that will get looking fresh and beautiful no matter the weather.  No matter the trends, you will need and want to have a healthy complexion.

A few tips to get you looking fabulous this winter

You skin tone might change a little during the cold season; it is important to match your foundation and concealers with this change; you don’t want to have an uneven skin tone, it does not look healthy nor flattering.
If you do happen to get dry skin in the winter season, besides doing the necessary to treat it, you can use a primer some luminous finishes to hide the dry skin; a matte finish will point out the unevenness of your skin more.
For a healthier look add a touch of color to your eyes, lips and cheeks. You can use a touch of bronze powder but be very careful not to overdo it.

Holiday and party makeup

The holiday season is the best part of winter: being reunited with family and friends, enjoying the snow along with a hot cup of tea and some macaroons, looking fabulous at every Christmas or New Year’s Eve party; all the things take your mind of the cold and keep you happy and beautiful while waiting for spring.

Your holiday makeup should be different from your day to day office routine; let your personality burst and express yourself with shimmering and bright colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment new trends, there’s a perfect look for each and every one of you. The key to looking stunning is to match your makeup with your outfit. Not as much color-wise as style-wise. Don’t pair a beautiful evening dress with everyday makeup or casual hair style.

Play with metallic, silver or gold are perfect for Christmas makeup; match them with daring lipstick and flawless foundation; quickly change from day to evening with smokey eyes (go with coffee tone for a more exquisite look) and luscious lips, and avoid matching your eye color with your eyeshadow. Plum and lilac go great with blue and green eyes while gold or copper tones perfectly compliment brown or black eyes. Experiment with colored mascara like navy or burgundy. Red lips are incredibly popular during the winter season, find the one that best suits your skin tone; finish the look with a beautiful nail polish and you will be the queen of the party!

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