The Best Makeup Brushes Out There

best makeup brushesYou’ve been trying for years to achieve the perfect makeup, but you always feel like you could have done better? When this happens we usually try a different style, play with different colors or simply change the product. Have you tried to give more attention to your brushes? Using the best makeup brush, style and quality-wise, will take your makeup to a whole new level.

What to Have In Mind When Choosing the Best Makeup Brushes

Most women chose their brushes based only on the quality of the hair. It is without a doubt the most important aspect but don’t neglect other features like size, weight, handle and ferrule (metal frame).

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Manufactures use two types of hair for makeup brushes: natural and synthetic. When you are choosing a hair type, don’t forget to factor in the form, cut and density of the brush. All of these aspects can influence your makeup considerably. Natural hair is the preferred choice for a brush; you can only use synthetic hair brushes for eyebrows or for applying liquid products such as foundation because they are not as absorbent as the ones made of natural hair.


The size and weight of the handle depend on your personal preferences. Let your previous experience help you choose the perfect brush. It has to be extremely easy to use, the moves have to come naturally to you; unnatural or clumsy moves will reflect on your makeup. If you are not sure what size should your brush’s handle be you should try to find one about 4 or 5 inch. Choose the wood handles for more durability and control.


The ferrule is a very import part of the brush. How many times have you thrown away your makeup brushes because the hair was falling out? The metal frame that holds the hair is a key essential for a good quality brush. You use your makeup accessories every day; they need to function perfectly and last longer. Take a good look at the ferrule and make sure it has two rings for good support. They are usually made of brass, copper or aluminum. Brass is the strongest of the three.
One last aspect you should consider when choosing a brush is the way that is was made. If you can, give priority to the ones made by hand. Machines can’t manufacture brushes without sacrificing the soft hairs. Soft hair in a brush keeps you from hurting yourself and gives you a beautiful smooth makeup.

How to Use Your Makeup Brushes

Now that you know how to choose the perfect accessories for your everyday makeup needs let’s talk about how you should use them.
Most of you apply part of their makeup by using your fingers. It is not a recommended method for various reasons, but the most important one is that no matter how much you wash your hands you might still cause problems for your skin. Apply your foundation using a brush rather than a makeup sponge because they can also hold bacteria which are very bad for your complexion.

Use a different brush for every makeup product: foundation, blush, eye shadow and so on. There is a very generous offer for each of these categories, and you only need to take a little time to find the one that is perfect for you, keeping in mind the advices mentioned before. Also, remember that expensive doesn’t equal high quality. Factor in your decision the brand and price but don’t hurry to choose an expensive brush without seeing if it is really as good as advertised.

In the end, never forget the most important aspect of all: use your makeup to enhance your features and show your personality, don’t let it turn you into a different person.

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